Capstone Partners LLC
"Faced with unfavorable initial rulings by the hearing examiner, and
against well-organized and shrill opposition, you were masterful in
calmly enumerating and clarifying the issues and applicable law so the
hearing examiner could understand the essentials of the case . We look
forward to working with you on future projects." Don Audleman,

Building Industry Association of Washington
"Thanks for your outstanding efforts in the Bainbridge case. We
appreciate all you have done for BIAW members." Tom Mccabe

R.W. Thorpe & Associates
"Your approach to teamwork by assembling the very best experts, allowing
them to interact, provide independent analysis, and be open about their
recommendations, is unique in this business. It has always been among
the very best in our professions-we at R.W. Thorpe & Associates look
forward to supporting your efforts in the future." Robert W. thorpe,
AICP, President; Past President, Puget Sound Section, American Planning